30 Irresistible Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas For Women

Blonde pixie cuts may not be the commonest hairstyles you see out there every day but one sure thing is they remain one of the sexiest short haircuts that accentuate the feminity in women. Unlike regular short haircuts, pixie cuts are very stylish and open up various styling possibilities for women. Similarly, blonde is a bold yet regal and irresistible color that has different shades suitable for various skin tones.

Deciding to get a pixie cut with your blonde hair might be the best decision you’ll make if you are comfortable grabbing the attention of on-lookers. With a haircut as short and simple as this, you can pull off the most exquisite and statement-worthy appearances on every occasion you show up. So, if you’re looking for pixie cut ideas for your blonde hair, here are some of the best options you can start with.

14 Irresistible Blonde Pixie with Different Cuts and Styles

Before changing your hair color or adding highlights, you need to consider your hairstyles and haircuts and choose colors that complement them. Pixie cuts however allow more flexibility with colors and various highlights. Check out some of the coolest blonde pixie cuts that may inspire your next look.

1. Blonde Pixie Cut With Bangs

Blonde Pixie Cut With Bangs

Hot and sassy! That’s what this style is giving. This blonde pixie cut is neatly styled as side bangs with curled ends so the eye on that side can be visible. Touch up the entire look with some bold lipstick and you’ll have another Marilyn Monroe staring back in the mirror, just with shorter hair.

2. Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie

Sometimes, the best kind of clean pixie cuts are usually messy. This spiky messy haircut is effortlessly achievable for women with wavy hair. To create this spiky look, cut your hair short in layers, with the longest part in front not more than 1 inch in length. Use a clipper to reduce the hair at the back for a flawless trim.

3. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Not everyone loves to have their low cut too low. If you’re one of them, you can try out this asymmetrical pixie cut. It’s great for women with oval faces and it works better when you add brown highlights to your blonde hair.

4. Choppy Pixie

Choppy Pixie

For women who love to go bold with their low cut, this choppy pixie is what you need. It’s achievable by making your blonde pixie cut really low with about 2 inches length of hair at the front part.

5. Blonde Pixie With Undercut

Blonde Pixe With Undercut

This pixie blonde hair takes a different twist from the others by having an undercut. It elevates your blonde hair in a side part, revealing the best features of your face especially if you have an oval face. It’s suitable for women of all colors.

6. Wavy Blonde

Wavy Blonde

Women with natural waves can wear this look any day, anytime. All you have to do is to get a pixie-cut blonde hair styled as a side part. To take the look to a new level of gorgeous, dye your natural hair to a white blonde and you are good to go.

7. Blonde Curly Pixie

Blonde Curly Pixie

Bouncy curls are always giving! Excitingly, you can also wear them as pixie curls. This style is super cute and feminine. But the better part of it is that it goes beyond basic when it is in a blonde balayage. You could get curly perms if you don’t have natural curls or your curls are not very defined.

8. Tomboy Pixie

Tomboy Pixie

Studs and women who simply like to embrace their masculine side will dig more into this pixie blonde hair. It’s a basic pixiecut with the hair on top cut in layers and styled as layered side bangs. Makeup for this look is as simple as mascara and lip stain.

9. Short Bob Blonde Pixie

Plus Size Blonde Pixie

Who says a pixie cut can’t be in a bob? Of course, they can. Instead of cutting the sides of your hair as low as the back, crop them to ear-length creating a sultry short bob pixie haircut. This haircut looks amazing on chubby faces.

10. Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie

This layered pixie is everything you need if you love your hair swept to the side. But instead of the basic side part, the hair is layered such that it gets longer as it progresses to the front. It’s great for women with curly and wavy hair.

11. Blonde Pixie For Straight Hair

Blonde Pixe For Fine Hair

If you are not a fan of messy, or spiky pixies, this well-combed blonde pixie might be the haircut you need. It’s great for women with naturally straight hair. However, if you have other hair textures, you could straighten your pixie cut to get this desired look.

12. Blonde Pixie For Thick Hair

Blonde Pixe For Thick Hair

Women with thick and lush hair will effortlessly pull off this swirly look. The look is more about styling properly and it’s suitable for all blonde shades. With a styling gel and a white-toothed comb, you can strategically create the swirly blonde pixie cut.

13. Swept up blonde pixie Cut On Dark Skin

Blonde Pixie Cut On Dark Skin

The curly sides and back section of this haircut are easily achievable on kinky hair. The front part of the pixie cut is long enough to create bangs but instead of having bangs, they are swept up to create this high-top blonde pixie.

14. Scarlett Johansson Blonde Pixie

Scarlett Johansson Blonde Pixie


Your smooth and velvety hair is good enough to create this gorgeous blonde pixie cut for women. To add some extra sass to your look, add some brown highlights underneath of the haircut,

13 Different Shades of Blonde For Pixie Cuts

Of course, there are different shades of blonde, and depending on your skin tone, you might have a preference out of all the shades. Every shade of this color looks amazing in a pixie cut. However,  if you are having a hard time picking your favorite, here are some practical options you might want to explore:

15. Blonde Pixie Cut With Dark Roots Platinum

Blonde Pixie Cut With Dark Roots Platinum

It’s okay to dye your hair blonde if you have naturally black hair. But it gets better when you create an amazing ombre look by dying only the top while leaving out the dark roots in their natural color.

16. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

No doubt, beauties with platinum blonde are usually the envy of every woman. This attractive color is amazing on a spiky pixie cut and it complements brown skin tones perfectly.

17. Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

Do you have silky ash blonde hair? Then a pixie cut might be what you need. Add subtle brown highlights in between and underneath your hair to unlock more levels of gorgeousness.

18. Strawberry Blonde Pixie Cut

Strawberry Blonde Pixie Cut

Strawberry blonde is not a regular blonde shade. Because of the little bit of red it contains, this blonde shade is one of the most captivating and irresistible shades out there. Light-skinned women always look great on strawberry blonde pixie cuts.

19. Dark Blonde Pixie Cut

Dark Blonde Pixie Cut

Dark blonde is an exquisite shade that works on all skin tones. Create this look by getting a pixie cut on your blonde hair with side bangs and brushed-back sides secured with a pin.

20. Full Fringe Blonde Pixie Cut For Black Girl

Blonde Pixie Cut For Black Girl

This full fringe blonde pixie cut works great on voluptuous black women. With the fringe covering up the entire forehead down to the eyebrow, you surely will effortlessly look good with minimal makeup like mascara and winged liners.

21. Honey Blonde Pixie Cut

Honey Blonde Pixie Cut

This honey-blonde shade naturally works for every skin shade regardless of whether the top of your pixie is long or short. Preferably, trim the top of the tip so its long enough to fall across your forehead.

22. Bleach Blonde

Bleach Blonde

This blonde pixie is far from being basic. It’s suitable for voluminous hair and women who can handle all that attention. Create a side part, leaving one side of your face with longer length than the other.

23. Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut

Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut

If you are into sexy and intimidating looks, this dirty blonde low-cut is your go-to style. It’s a simple short pixie with a switch from your natural hair color to a dirty blonde.

24. Blonde Highlights Pixie Cut

Blonde Highlights Pixie Cut

You don’t have to dye your entire hair blonde if you can’t handle all that attention. If you’re a minimalist, subtle blonde highlights like this will still enhance your look.

25. Blonde Balayage Pixie Cut

Blonde Balayage Pixie Cut

With a balayage blonde, you can add highlights to your hair without soaking your hair entirely in dye and strong chemicals. Preferably use brown as the balayage shade in between your pixie blonde hair.

26. Blonde And Brown Pixie Cut

Blonde And Brown Pixie Cut

This look is about adding subtle blonde highlights at the top of your pixie cut. It’s great for wavy and curly hair types.

27. Ombre Blonde

Blonde+ Ombre

Straight hair looks amazing with a blunt cut. Explore this layered blonde ombré pixie with your straight hair, leaving one side of the top at ear-length.

3 Blonde Pixie for Different Length Hair

While some love to have their pixie cuts really short, others prefer to have the top of the hair at ear length. These 3 hair lengths for pixie cuts below might be what you need to decide how long or short you want yours.

28. Long-Top Blonde Pixie Cut

Long Blonde Pixie Cut

Make your pixie cut more fun and flexible by cutting short just a bit of the back part. Let your voluminous ear-length hair flourish in front as a free part.

29. Layered Short Blonde

Short Blonde

This short blonde haircut looks amazing as a layered cut having one side lower than the other. Preferably, get a professional stylist to achieve this haircut for you.

30. Ear-length Blonde Pixie

Medium-length Blonde Pixie

Not all pixie cuts need to be extremely short all-round. While you can leave the back of your hair as short as you want, let the sides of your blonde pixie cut flow as ear-length and style the longer section in a side part.


Blonde pixie cuts will forever be trendy and versatile and you should jump on it if you’re looking for a new vibe. There’s no harm in exploring more than one of these options if you are still indecisive in choosing your favorite look. If you have wavy or curly hair, preferably style your curls with your pixie and blonde hair. However, whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, always maintain the haircut by getting a fresh trim as soon as your hair begins to overgrow.


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