18 Cute Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Being a mother is a superpower. Between choosing the best black little girl hairstyles and getting matching accessories, you switch from mother to stylist. However, keeping your little girl happy with her hair entails staying on top of trends.

We understand that it can be daunting, so we have a selection of styles to make it easier for you. While these styles can spark inspiration and ideas, they are essential for you to recreate. So, if you follow the description, you’d be recreating little black girl hairstyles in no time.

Whether you are looking for protective hairstyles or something for a special event, you’re in the right place. In this list are long and short styles, and some traditional styles. Remember, the secret element is your tender love.


Cute Natural Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

A pro tip for maintaining your baby’s hair is to have a care routine. However, you can trust a stylist if you can’t do it yourself. Here’s a list of little black girl hairstyles that are protective and kid-friendly.

1. Bubble Short Ponytails for Black Girls on Glasses

Short Hair For Black Little Girls

Bubble ponytails and little black girls mix perfectly. The style was created for comfort. It is the easiest way for your little girl to wear her hair in sections and accessorize. This look is achieved by creating multiple sections of hair, then securing the braids with bubble ponytail holders and hair clips.


2. Long Love-Cut Cornrows

Long Hair For Black Little Girls

Finding the perfect hairstyles for little black girls may be challenging, but you cannot go wrong with cornrows. They are quite pretty and creative.

Again, this is one of those styles you can trust for comfort and protection. Furthermore, they last longer.


3. Wavy Ponytails for Black Girls

Wavy Hair For Black Little Girls

There are hundreds of ponytail ideas, allowing for creativity and versatility, but this wavy ponytail is beautiful. The style comes in handy for a quick and cut fix that you can rely on to save time.

In addition to achieving this with her natural curls, your curling iron will come in handy. However, you may also opt for the sock curls on TikTok.


4. Top Bun

Top Bun Hairstyle For Black Little Girls

Top bun styles for girls, ladies, and woman is one of the better ways to keep it simple and sweet. All you need for this style is a gel (or hair wax), comb(s), and elastic bands. If you’d prefer to use an extension for the Bun, you may need a few clips to secure it.


5. Side Swept Curls + Bun

Side-swept Curls + Bun

Kids with curly hair are the sweetest. Curly hairstyles for little black girls are not hard to achieve; you must pick the perfect style. For side-swept curls like this, section her hair into two.

While the back goes in a bun, secure the front with some elastic bands, then apply the curl-defining gel for lasting effects.


6. Bantu Knots for Little Black Girls

Little Black Girl With Bantuknots Hairstyles

FYI, Bantu knots are cultural hairstyles. They have creatively evolved in black communities over time, which does not leave black girls behind. It is several bits of knotted twists or braids.

Here’s a fun fact: Bantu knots create natural curls or waves when taken out.


7. Natural Curls + Bow

Natural Hairstyles With Bow For Black Little Girl

One of the best things you can teach your girl is to embrace her naturalness, which can start with her hairstyling.

This is, without a doubt, the easiest style on the list because you only need to moisturize and add a colorful bow.


8. Space Bun For Black Little Girls

Space Bun For Black Little Girls

Space bun is one of the easiest to mimic. Style your daughter’s hair in two ponytails, fluffing and teasing the strands as you go. Then create a bun for each pony.

For girls with natural hair, especially 4C hair, consider using a lightweight leave-in conditioner to maintain hair moisture while styling.

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9. Princess Style 

Princess Hairstyles For Black Little Girls

We cannot think of a more refined and statement style for your girl. To achieve this look, use her natural texture to the advantage, especially if she has long hair.

Finish the look with beautiful embellishments worthy of a little princess.


10. Beaded Cornrows

Cornrows Hairstyles With Beads

If you’re looking for little black girl hairstyles for school, family fun-time, and special occasions, this is one of them.

In addition, transparent and colored beads are a girl’s best friend. Girls love the adult look they can achieve with this style, and we love it too!


11. Voluminous curls for Little Black Girls

Curly Hair With Hat For Little Black Girls

Your girl’s curls can be a bonding element, and nothing is better than taking care of them. Instead of working her natural curls into twists, braids, or any style, consider wearing it all out. With some curl-defining moisturizer and a barrette, she will be the envy of her mates.


12. Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail For Black Little Girls

Little black girl hairstyles may require patience and time, but you can create a cute updo with little time. The first thing to do is detangle her hair, then brush the hair into a side ponytail. Easy.


13. Knotless Braids for Black girls

Knotless Braids For Black Little Girls

If you thought knotless braids were for adults alone, think again. Knotless braids are quite versatile and best suited for all age groups. It uses no heat and minimal tension to achieve the desired style.

Lastly, it encourages hair growth.


14. Textured + Twisted Hair

Textured + Twisted Hair With Accessories

Natural hair twists are fashionable and functional, especially when embellished with accessories. Braid twists are also protective hairstyles that naturally stretch the hair.

Again, they protect the natural hair underneath from the damaging effects of heat for days and even weeks.


15. Box Braids for Little Black Girls

Box Braids For Black Little Girls

We love how it seems like the box braids are never out of style. They can also be adapted into different styles for different folks. These curly box braids are not only kid-friendly but also flattering and fun. Girls with thin hair can use this style to their advantage.


16. Braided Pigtails

Black Little Girl With Butterfly Braids

Pigtails are a simple hairstyle that can be done quickly in the mornings, whether you lack the skills or are pressed for time. Twist the tails together and secure hair tips with butterfly clips. This also doubles as butterfly braids.

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17. Braided Ponytails for Little Black Girls

Two Ponytail And Braided For Black Little Girl

Get some inspiration for her next big hair. These braided ponytails are slicked carefully, showing that hair texture matters.

Because they are just two, it is time effective. When prepping the hair, don’t leave out the baby’s hair.


18. Crochet Twists

Crochet Twists Hairstyles

Mothers who loved the 90s crotchet style are thrilled to see a comeback. First, slick the hair into two ponytails, then use a latch-hook (or crochet) needle to weave extensions into the tails. Or, twist the tails into a Nubian twist or any other twist-out style.


The trick to getting your youngster to love hairstyles for little black girls is exploration. You will find styles that can be done for several weeks without repetition on this list. Get creative and protective. And remember, to accessorize.

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